How We Chose A New Camera For Our Travel Videos

We are always seeking to improve our travel photos and videos, and it was about time to upgrade our camera to be able to get more compelling results in our travel vlogs. There is an endless amount of choices you can make when choosing the best camera to suit your needs, and we are going […]

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Using The Custom Mode Dial With Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras

The Custom Mode Dial: The Most Important Underutilized Camera Mode USING THE CUSTOM MODE DIAL WITH SONY ALPHA MIRRORLESS CAMERAS I shoot a lot of landscapes. My camera settings usually hang out in Aperture Priority or Manual mode, manual focus, ISO100 at f/11, spot metering, and single-shot drive. Then I’ll be driving home and a […]

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The Sony A6300 for Wedding Photography

The Sony A6300 for wedding photography – the perfect choice? … and why I was about to leave Sony, but finally stayed. Ok, I admit, that is a bold statement. You even may think this guy is nuts. You might be right. I am not trying to write a review here, others are more competent […]

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Wedding Photography with Sony A7RII

Four years ago I started out in wedding photography using my Canon 5DIII. In 2015 I switched to the Fuji system using the X-T1 and X100T. These cameras are light and a joy to use. However I could never shake the feeling that I wasn’t happy with the files from the Fuji cameras. They felt […]

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