When landscapes come to life – Interview with the Sony user Martin Neumayr


About Martin Neumayr

Born in south bavaria 28.01.87. Self employed engenieer in automotive.
Life corrent in Nürnberg. Sports an Dog lover. Shooting dreamscapes is a passion!

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Hello Martin, we’re happy to have you for this interview! Could you start by introducing yourself to the readers?

Hello everyone, from Bavaria-Germany! My name is Martin Neumayr, I’m 30 years old.
I’m a extreme sport junkie and do also a lot of other stuff next to the photography.
I always try to push my limits into the next level of perfection.



When did you get interested about Photography and what did you use to shoot back then?
In my time as a professional mountain-biker I was the guy before the camera, so I had always a little bit of contact with the technical stuff.
Last year in February I bought my first camera a Sony A6000 with the 16-70Z F/4 Lens.



In your website we can see a clear separation between People, Urban and Landscape Photography, and of course, your blog. It has a very clean and pleasant look, to which also contributes the way you compose and frame your photographs. Are you a methodical and organized person and do you reflect your personality in your Photography?
At first… My website need really a update! But I am so short on time 😀
If I methodical and organized?… may I think 70%. I plan my travels for Landscape really heavy. Everything must be perfect on time, sunrise or sunset, milk-way and the locations you must be organized that stuff perfectly. The only one thing what hard to check is the weather, that could be change every time.



Among the different genres of Photography to which you dedicate yourself, is there a favorite?
Landscape! That is the thing that I can do in perfection.
I do also some portrait stuff. But it’s from my wife or friends… nothing that goes online public.
For professional you must handle the situations with the model and tell her how to do that or this… not my thing.
I like portraits really! I wish I could do, but I prefer better the landscapes.



What was your most memorable place to shoot?
I really think my Valensole shoot is the best one I’ve made until now.
But the best feeling that I ever had was in Tenerife at the Teide National park this year for shooting milky-way. That feeling of you being alone in the night and you can see there the milky way also the center of it with your eyes is so sick! Everything doesn’t matter… Money, iPhone, camera, cars all material stuff what you thinking about is so small if you realize how big the universe is.



Which was your first camera and when did you start using Sony, and why?
As I told before in the interview, the A6000. The reason was because I looked for a small camera for a holiday. And I looked some youtube videos because I had no idea.
The A6000 was the best one in price-performance and easy to handle.


Could you describe your current camera and lens setup and the reasons of their choice?

At this time i use my A7rII with an Irix 15mm 2.4 lens, Irix 11mm f4 and the 24-70GM.
Also I had an old 50mm 1.4 Canon FD lens.
The Irix is really ultra-sharp and I love the real manual focus – my choice for Landscape.
I had the Batis and I was really unhappy with the manual focus.
A good friend of me love the Batis… It’s your choice which one is better for you.
The 24-70 GM is my always-on lens.
As a always with me camera I have now a RX100V. This thing is really badass 😀


Do you use APS-C and Full frame cameras for different purposes?

I had for a short time the A6000 and A7rII simultaneously. But I make no decisions what I shoot with which camera.
I hope no one kills me now 😀 but I really have to say the A6000 is such a great camera, if you think about a change for a Sony full-frame… think twice!
I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra money for a a7ii. My A7rII is for sure better in image quality. But if you ask me A6000 or a7ii… A6000!


What’s your usual workflow from capture to the final result and what do you use to process your files?

For the Landscape work you have to plan everything. Then you have to use a tripod. *disclaimer* I bring in a few weeks my own tripod on the market.
If you had a image with water use alway a Pol filter.
At 80% the time I use also a ND and GND filter setup.
The post processing is only Photoshop at my images, no Lightroom.



Whether it is on your website or the Facebook page, we notice a high degree of consistency in the work you show. From a photographer’s point of view, which are the best platforms to disclose the portfolio and what advices would you like to leave to the beginners willing to develop their skills and start their online presence?
That is a very sensitive point… I hate Instagram so much. I can’t tell you. And why this should be the best platform at this time… is everyone telling.
Look at the Hubs! The most of them shared so much crap. If you would post that in a professional forum… holy molly that would bad for you.
The quality is so low on Instagram. Yes it gives Max Rive, Max Münch and many more awesome people there.
But the hubst hat you must tagged to get followers… shared all the time so much crap. Then if you have luck may you image and again 10 bad one next one it. So now you should mean “hey my image is a eye-catcher there” but that isn’t true.
So, enough hate 😉
For me Facebook works pretty good. There is more interaction with the community.
If you start new with social media? Hard to say. Facebook only works if you pay for it!
I don’t know, I mean social media is in a little crisis.



Thank you for your time and availability! Is there any new project you’re working on and you would like to reveal a bit?
I would change my milky-way images to full moon landscape project. I hope I can bring some results soon.
Thank you ☺




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